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Prenatal detection of short arm deletion and isochromosome 18 formation investigated by molecular techniques.
  1. M B Qumsiyeh,
  2. A Tomasi,
  3. M Taslimi
  1. Cytogenetics Laboratory, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC 27710, USA.


    A patient was referred for amniocentesis because of advanced maternal age and polyhydramnios. The fetal karyotype was a mosaic 46,XX,del(18)(p11.1)/46,XX,-18,+i(18q)de novo. The deletion appeared to encompass the whole short arm as evidenced by G banding and in situ hybridisation. However, telomere sequences were found on both ends of the deleted chromosome as well as the isochromosome. The normal 18 and the isochromosome showed more alphoid sequences than the del(18). Subsequent passages of the cell lines showed an increase in the frequency of the isochromosome from 20% to about 30%. Possible mechanisms are discussed.

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