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Cytogenetic and molecular findings in patients with Turner's syndrome stigmata.
  1. T Kuznetzova,
  2. A Baranov,
  3. N Schwed,
  4. T Ivaschenko,
  5. P Malet,
  6. M Giollant,
  7. G A Savitsky,
  8. V Baranov
  1. Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, St Petersburg, Russia.


    Cytogenetic and DNA analysis in 12 people with stigmata of Turner's syndrome was carried out. Cytogenetic analysis of these patients showed two subjects with 46,X, i(Xq) karyotypes, one with 45,X/46,X, i(Xq), one with 46,X,t(X;Y), and eight with 45,X/46,X,mar. Molecular analysis of DNA samples was performed in nine out of 12 patients with marker chromosomes. PCR analysis with oligoprimers specific for SRY, DYZ1, or DYZ3 loci identified Y chromosome material in five patients in the latter group. The X chromosome origin of the marker chromosome was proved by FISH technique with biotin labelled pericentromeric X chromosome specific probe in four other patients. These results show that patients with a number of Turner's syndrome stigmata usually do not have a typical XO karyotype but have some structural chromosomal aberrations involving the X or Y chromosomes. Combined application of cytogenetic, molecular cytogenetic (FISH), and PCR techniques significantly improves the precision of marker chromosome identification and thus might be of practical importance for the proper management and treatment of affected patients. Peculiarities of pathological manifestations of different karyotypes bearing structural abnormalities of the X or Y chromosomes in patients with Turner's syndrome stigmata, as well as feasible genetic mechanisms of sex determination and differentiation abnormalities in these subjects, are briefly discussed.

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