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Facial morphometry of Ecuadorian patients with growth hormone receptor deficiency/Laron syndrome.
  1. G B Schaefer,
  2. A L Rosenbloom,
  3. J Guevara-Aguirre,
  4. E A Campbell,
  5. F Ullrich,
  6. K Patil,
  7. J L Frias
  1. Department of Pediatrics, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha 68198-5430.


    Facial morphometry using computerised image analysis was performed on patients with growth hormone receptor deficiency (Laron syndrome) from an inbred population of southern Ecuador. Morphometrics were compared for 49 patients, 70 unaffected relatives, and 14 unrelated persons. Patients with growth hormone receptor deficiency showed significant decreases in measures of vertical facial growth as compared to unaffected relatives and unrelated persons with short stature from other causes. This report validates and quantifies the clinical impression of foreshortened facies in growth hormone receptor deficiency.

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