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An extra band within the human 9qh+ region that behaves like the surrounding constitutive heterochromatin.
  1. J L Fernández,
  2. S Pereira,
  3. A Campos,
  4. J Gosálvez,
  5. V Goyanes
  1. Centro Oncológico de Galicia, Laboratorio de Genética, La Coruña, Spain.


    An extra variant G band in a human 9qh+ region was analysed in normally condensed and 5-azacytidine undercondensed chromosomes. Fluorescence in situ hybridisation showed that specific, classical, alphoid and beta satellite DNA was not present. Nevertheless, this extra band behaves like the surrounding heterochromatin because (1) its chromatin fibres showed condensation inhibition after 5-azacytidine treatment, as confirmed by electron microscopy, and (2) it was not affected by in situ digestion with the restriction endonucleases AluI and Sau3A. These results suggest that this variant band may correspond to euchromatin that has become inactivated by a position effect.

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