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Laurin-Sandrow syndrome (mirror hands and feet and nasal defects): description of a new case.
  1. M L Martínez-Frías,
  2. M Alcaraz,
  3. P Espejo,
  4. M A Gómez,
  5. R García de León,
  6. L González Moro
  1. ECEMC Coordinating Group, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain.


    A child with complete syndactyly of cup shaped hands and mirror polysyndactyly of the feet, together with a nasal defect, was identified out of a total of 1,031,439 livebirths. She had a pattern of multiple congenital anomalies which was similar to that first described by Laurin et al in 1964 and by Sandrow et al in 1970. Two more cases with a similar pattern of congenital anomalies have recently been published so this is the fifth reported case with this constellation.

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