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Elucidation of structural abnormalities of the X chromosome using fluorescence in situ hybridisation with a Y chromosome painting probe.
  1. R T Howell,
  2. R Millener,
  3. S Thorne,
  4. J O'Loughlin,
  5. J Brassey,
  6. A McDermott
  1. South Western Regional Cytogenetics Centre, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK.


    Particular regions of the X and Y chromosomes share DNA sequence homology to the extent that cross hybridisation occurs. Thus, chromosome painting with a whole Y chromosome probe consistently results in fluorescence on specific regions of the X chromosome as well as the complete Y chromosome. This phenomenon has been exploited to elucidate the structure of unusual X chromosome rearrangements, without Y involvement, in two females.

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