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A new de novo mutation (A113T) in HMG box of the SRY gene leads to XY gonadal dysgenesis.
  1. Y T Zeng,
  2. Z R Ren,
  3. M L Zhang,
  4. Y Huang,
  5. F Y Zeng,
  6. S Z Huang
  1. Shanghai Institute of Medical Genetics, Shanghai Children's Hospital, PR China.


    We describe a new point mutation in the SRY gene of a Chinese XY female with gonadal dysgenesis (Swyer syndrome). Using the double stranded DNA cycle sequencing method, a single nucleotide substitution of G-->A was identified at codon 113 of the patient's SRY gene, resulting in a conservative amino acid change from alanine (A) to threonine (T) at a residue that lies within the putative DNA binding motif. With this mutation, one MnlI recognition site is abolished and a new BsmAI site is present in the DNA sequence of the SRY gene; therefore, it is easily detected by analysis of the digestion of the amplified SRY DNA fragment on an electrophoretic agarose gel. In situ hybridisation to the XY female's chromosomes showed that her mutant SRY gene was indeed located on the short arm of her Y chromosome. The SRY mutation in the XY female reported here occurred de novo, as sequence analysis showed that it was not present in her father or other family members.

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