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Profound mental retardation, characteristic facies with midfacial hypoplasia and premature frontotemporal balding, muscular hypotrophy, and small patellae in two unrelated male patients.
  1. J P Fryns,
  2. P Thiry,
  3. J Geutjens,
  4. E Smeets,
  5. L Vinken,
  6. H Van den Berghe
  1. Centre for Human Genetics, University of Leuven, Belgium.


    Two profoundly mentally retarded, unrelated males are reported with an unidentified multiple congenital anomaly/mental retardation syndrome, including early balding, patella luxations, small hands and feet, and hypogonadism, similar to a previous publication in this journal of a severely mentally retarded male patient with dysmorphic features.

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