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Exclusion of familial dysautonomia from more than 60% of the genome.
  1. A Blumenfeld,
  2. F B Axelrod,
  3. J A Trofatter,
  4. C Maayan,
  5. D E Lucente,
  6. S A Slaugenhaupt,
  7. C B Liebert,
  8. L J Ozelius,
  9. J L Haines,
  10. X O Breakefield
  1. Molecular Neurogenetics Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston 02129.


    Familial dysautonomia (FD) is a recessive neurological disorder that affects the development of the sensory and autonomic nervous system. The gene defect appears to be limited to the Ashkenazi Jewish population, where the carrier frequency is 1 in 30. One hundred and ninety-one marker loci representing all autosomes were tested for linkage with the FD genetic defect in 23 families. A combination of pairwise and multipoint analyses excluded the FD gene from at least 60% of the autosomal genome. The program EXCLUDE predicted regions of chromosomes 2, 4, 5q, 9, or 10 as the most promising locations for future analyses.

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