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Non-specific X linked mental retardation with aphasia exhibiting genetic linkage to chromosomal region Xp11.
  1. G N Wilson,
  2. C S Richards,
  3. K Katz,
  4. G S Brookshire
  1. Department of Pediatrics, University of Texas, Dallas 75235-9063.


    A new type of non-specific X linked mental retardation is described in a three generation family. The three affected males had severe mental retardation (IQ 20 to 30), mutism, growth failure, frequent infections, seizures, and the following minor anomalies: brachycephaly, frontal hair whorl, square face, large mouth, thick lips, and prognathism. There was not a characteristic facies. Normal laboratory studies on the proband included a karyotype with fragile X screening, skeletal survey, blood amino acid, urine organic acid, and HGPRT levels. Linkage analysis was performed with 10 X chromosome DNA probes of which probe DXS255 at chromosomal region Xp11.22 gave a maximal two point lod score of 2.10 if phase was inferred and 1.20 if it was not. Crossovers were shown with probes mapping to regions Xp22, Xp21, and Xq28. Comparison of these patients with 80 X linked causes of mental retardation, including 41 which might be classified as 'non-specific', showed no other disorders compatible with the phenotypic and linkage data.

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