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Ovarian cancer family and prophylactic choices.
  1. D G Evans,
  2. G Ribiero,
  3. D Warrell,
  4. D Donnai
  1. CRC Department of Cancer Genetics, Paterson Institute for Cancer Research, Christie Hospital, Manchester.


    A subject from a family with ovarian cancer who has developed bilateral medullary carcinoma of the breast at the age of 40 is presented. The family is consistent with dominant inheritance of ovarian cancer and 12 female family members at 12.5%, 25%, and 50% risk, including our case, have undergone bilateral prophylactic oophorectomy and been given hormone replacement therapy. Despite the risk of further primary tumours of the breast our patient chose to have treatment with wide excision and radiotherapy. The implications for screening, prophylaxis, and hormone replacement therapy for this family are discussed.

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