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Severity of chest disease in cystic fibrosis patients in relation to their genotypes.
  1. L N al-Jader,
  2. A L Meredith,
  3. H C Ryley,
  4. J P Cheadle,
  5. S Maguire,
  6. G Owen,
  7. M C Goodchild,
  8. P S Harper
  1. Institute of Medical Genetics, University of Wales College of Medicine, Heath Park, Cardiff.


    A detailed comparison of the severity of chest disease with mutational status was carried out by cross sectional study of 127 cystic fibrosis patients, aged 1 to 31 years, living in Wales. Lung disease was classified according to severity, depending on pulmonary function tests (carried out on 76 patients) and chest radiograph status; information was obtained also on age at diagnosis in relation to severity of chest disease and colonisation with Pseudomonas species. Genotypes were determined by analysis for the mutations delta F508, delta I507, G551D, R553X, G542X, R117H, R560T, 1717--IG > A, and 621 + 1G > T. CF patients homozygous positive and heterozygous for the delta F508 deletion showed a significant decline of lung function with age. Unlike other studies, we did not find patients homozygous positive for the delta F508 deletion to have poorer lung function compared with heterozygous patients. Patients with the genotype 621 + IG > T/delta F508 tended to have more severe chest disease than the delta F508 homozygous patients in the same age group. There was some evidence that four patients heterozygous for R117H have mild chest disease.

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