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Use of probes for ZFY, SRY, and the Y pseudoautosomal boundary in XX males, XX true hermaphrodites, and an XY female.
  1. E T Pereira,
  2. J C de Almeida,
  3. A C Gunha,
  4. M Patton,
  5. R Taylor,
  6. S Jeffery
  1. Departmento de Clinica Medica, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil.


    Three XX males, two XX true hermaphrodites, and an XY female were studied for possible deletions using probes for the recently characterised SRY gene and the pseudoautosomal boundary. The XX males and true hermaphrodites were negative for all three probes, while the XY female was positive. One XX male and one XX true hermaphrodite were sibs. A previous sib pair of an XX male and an XX true hermaphrodite have been shown to be positive for Y chromosomal material near the pseudoautosomal boundary. Thus, both phenotypes can be produced from different mutations, some involving the SRY gene and others not.

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