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Linkage disequilibrium and recombination make a telomeric site for the Huntington's disease gene unlikely.
  1. L Barron,
  2. A Curtis,
  3. A E Shrimpton,
  4. S Holloway,
  5. H May,
  6. R G Snell,
  7. D J Brock
  1. Human Genetics Unit, University of Edinburgh, Western General Hospital.


    In a Scottish family in which Huntington's disease (HD) was segregating, recombination was observed between the D4S115/S111 and D4S43/S95 loci, with the HD gene associated with the more proximal D4S43/S95 locus. Analysis of linkage disequilibrium in Scottish families showed significant non-random association between the HD gene and alleles at the D4S95 and D4S98 loci. This adds to previous evidence that the HD locus is not sited at the telomere of chromosome 4.

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