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Molecular and cytogenetic analysis of a familial microdeletion of Xq.
  1. S Wells,
  2. S Mould,
  3. D Robins,
  4. D Robinson,
  5. P Jacobs
  1. Wessex Regional Genetics Laboratory, General Hospital, Salisbury.


    Cytogenetic analysis of a male infant referred for poor neurological development and failure to thrive showed a microdeletion of the X chromosome, his karyotype being 46,Y,del(X)(pter----q21.1:: q21.2----qter). His mother and grandmother were also found to carry the deletion. DNA probes were used to define the deletion molecularly and it was shown to span intervals 2 to 6 of Cremers et al, a portion of Xq that contains the TCD gene and genes whose absence is associated with deafness and mental retardation. RFLP analysis together with X inactivation studies using the probe M27 beta verified the carrier status of the female relatives and showed non-random X inactivation in the heterozygous females.

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