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Cancer family syndrome: cytogenetic investigations, in vitro tetraploidy, and biomarker studies in a large family.
  1. G Guanti,
  2. F Susca,
  3. G Cristofaro,
  4. M L Caruso,
  5. S Massari,
  6. R Porsia,
  7. A Stella,
  8. I Giorgio
  1. Istituto di Genetica, Università degli Studi, Bari, Italy.


    Fifty-five members of a family with the cancer family syndrome (CFS) were investigated for the following potential biomarkers for cancer proneness: (1) cytogenetics of peripheral blood lymphocytes and skin fibroblasts; (2) in vitro tetraploidy of dermal fibroblast monolayer cultures; (3) quantitative serum immunoglobulin determinations; (4) study of genetic linkage with respect to eight blood group markers including Kidd. Biological specimens were obtained from 14 patients affected with cancer, 21 subjects at risk, and 20 healthy subjects. None of the markers tested in this family, in order to identify a biomarker for the status of CFS gene carrier, was found to be useful. Our search for linkage to other biological markers (DNA RFLPs and NK cells) is in progress.

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