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Recessive metaphyseal dysplasia without hypotrichosis. A syndrome clinically distinct from McKusick cartilage-hair hypoplasia.
  1. A Verloes,
  2. G E Pierard,
  3. M Le Merrer,
  4. P Maroteaux
  1. Centre for Human Genetics, Liège University, Belgium.


    Among children with recessive metaphyseal dysplasia involving the knees and extremities, two types can be distinguished. In true cartilage-hair hypoplasia, as described by McKusick, many patients show clinical hair involvement and variable immunodeficiency. We present a series of six patients with the same radiological changes, but without apparent hypotrichosis. We suggest that they should be considered as having a variant form of cartilage-hair hypoplasia, with a clinically distinct phenotype, which could be as common as 'true' cartilage-hair hypoplasia among non-Amish populations. Microscopic examination of the hair may show reduction in the diameter of the hair shaft. This form of metaphyseal dysplasia may result from allelic heterogeneity.

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