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Intelligence and cognitive profile in the fra(X) syndrome: a longitudinal study in 18 fra(X) boys.
  1. L M Curfs,
  2. G Schreppers-Tijdink,
  3. A Wiegers,
  4. M Borghgraef,
  5. J P Fryns
  1. Observation Centre De Hondsberg, the Netherlands.


    A longitudinal study of IQ and cognitive profile in 18 fra(X) positive boys is reported. At the time of diagnosis, four of the boys were mildly retarded, seven were moderately retarded, and five were severely mentally retarded. Intelligence was borderline in one child and normal in another. A decline in intellectual performance with age in the fra(X) syndrome indicated in previous studies was not confirmed and we review the reported data on this subject.

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