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Genetic services in the context of DNA probes: what do they cost?
  1. R Beech,
  2. R J Rona,
  3. A V Swan,
  4. F B Kavanagh,
  5. L Prentice,
  6. O M Wilson,
  7. G Mole,
  8. P Vadera
  1. Division of Community Health, United Medical School, Guy's Hospital, London.


    We describe results from the first year of a three year economic evaluation of genetic services in the context of DNA probes provided at three genetic centres in Great Britain. The analysis so far has concentrated on the costs of providing DNA diagnostic services. Estimates are given of the total costs of providing DNA probe services at each of the three centres, together with information for assessing the cost implications of future developments in these services. DNA probe services are likely to be funded as a Regional specialty. This paper concludes that relative to other developing medical technologies and as an investment by Regions, DNA probe services are inexpensive. An appraisal of the benefits to be derived from DNA probe services is still to be undertaken.

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