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Familial polyposis coli: no evidence for increased sensitivity to mitomycin C.
  1. H A Mazzullo,
  2. J Attwood,
  3. J D Delhanty
  1. Department of Genetics and Biometry, University College London.


    Spontaneous chromosome instability is well established for the dominantly inherited cancer prone condition, familial polyposis coli (FPC), but conflicting results have been obtained regarding sensitivity to mitomycin C (MMC). We have investigated cell survival in fibroblasts and the induction of sister chromatid exchanges and chromosome damage in lymphocytes and fibroblasts after MMC treatment. We can find no evidence for a differential response of FPC cells as measured by any of these parameters, although individual FPC fibroblast cultures did show an enhanced chromosomal response. Overall, the FPC mutation does not appear to result in defective DNA repair in response to MMC.

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