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DNA linkage analysis in Von Recklinghausen neurofibromatosis.
  1. B R Seizinger,
  2. G Rouleau,
  3. A H Lane,
  4. L J Ozelius,
  5. A G Faryniarz,
  6. J Iannazzi,
  7. W Hobbs,
  8. J C Roy,
  9. B Falcone,
  10. S Huson
  1. Neurogenetics Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.


    We have used DNA linkage analysis in 11 families with Von Recklinghausen neurofibromatosis (VRNF) in order to search for the chromosomal localisation of the defective gene causing this serious neurological disorder. Three groups of polymorphic DNA markers were used: (1) markers for chromosome 22, because of possible allelic genetic heterogeneity between VRNF and bilateral acoustic neurofibromatosis; (2) markers near the centromere of chromosome 4, since there was preliminary evidence for linkage between the VRNF gene and Gc; and (3) oncogenes and growth factors as possible candidate genes for VRNF. Our data exclude close linkage between any of these markers and the gene for VRNF.

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