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Presumptive mosaic origin of an XX/XY female with ambiguous genitalia.
  1. O Zuffardi,
  2. L Gargantini,
  3. S Lambiase,
  4. F Lo Curto,
  5. P Maraschio,
  6. C E Ford


    A child with ambiguous genitalia had an XX/XY karyotype in all tissues examined. Analyses of 11 informative polymorphisms, both chromosomal and genetic (Rh and HLA), showed no difference between the two cell lines. It is unlikely that the child originated from fertilisation of the egg and the second polar body by two sperms; therefore, we hypothesise that the child originated from an XXY zygote after mitotic errors during cleavage. Recent findings of differences in the chromosome constitution between the extra-embryonic tissues and the fetus support this view.

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