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Linkage studies in a pedigree with Van der Woude syndrome.
  1. T F Wienker,
  2. G Hudek,
  3. S Bissbort,
  4. A Mayerová,
  5. G Mauff,
  6. K Bender


    A kindred segregating for Van der Woude syndrome (VWS) through five generations is described. Biochemical and serological phenotypes at 36 polymorphic marker loci have been determined, of which 27 were informative for linkage analysis to the VWS gene (LIPED 3 computer programme). Lod scores are reported and show exclusion of close linkage for most of the marker loci. Only VWS:Duffy (Fy) resulted in uniformly positive lod scores (theta = 0.0, z(theta) = 1.31).

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