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Ultrasound identification of apparently normal male genitalia in a 46,X,+mar fetus.
  1. R L Neu,
  2. W F O'Brien,
  3. B G Kousseff,
  4. T A Tedesco,
  5. M J Farmelo,
  6. Y P Essig,
  7. K L Miller,
  8. P M Nichols
  1. Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine, University of South Florida, Tampa.


    A level II ultrasound examination revealed a scrotum and penis in a fetus with a 46,X,+mar chromosome complement. The marker was subsequently considered to be a del(Y)(q11). A phenotypically normal male infant was born. Detailed ultrasound examination of similar cases for visualisation of the genitalia is recommended.

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