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Deletion 15q21.1----q22.1 resulting from a paternal insertion into chromosome 5.
  1. M Y Yip,
  2. M Selikowitz,
  3. N Don,
  4. A Kovacic,
  5. S Purvis-Smith,
  6. P R Lam-Po-Tang
  1. Cytogenetics Unit, Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney, Australia.


    A 15 month old boy with an interstitial deletion 15q derived from a paternal insertion (5;15)(q31.3;q21.1q22.1) is described and compared with one other reported case. A beak like nose with hypoplastic nasal alae, a thin upper lip, failure to thrive in infancy with later onset of obesity, and severe mental retardation are features common to both.

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