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Hydatidiform mole: parental chromosome aberrations in partial and complete moles.
  1. L O Vejerslev,
  2. R A Fisher,
  3. U Surti,
  4. N Wake
  1. Department of Medical Genetics, John F. Kennedy Institute, Glostrup/Copenhagen, Denmark.


    The relationship between parental constitutional chromosome abnormalities and the development of hydatidiform mole was evaluated in series from four institutions. Karyotype analysis was performed on blood samples from 237 patients with a pathological diagnosis of complete mole and 217 of their spouses. One patient was found to have a constitutional balanced translocation, t(11;18), while one spouse was found to have a balanced translocation, t(4;20). Among 125 patients with partial mole and 106 of their spouses, one male was found to be a translocation carrier, t(13;14). No significant increase in the frequency of translocations in the parents of complete moles was found in any of the series considered separately or together. Data from the combined series show no evidence of constitutional parental chromosome aberrations as an aetiological factor in the development of molar pregnancies.

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