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A family with spondyloepimetaphyseal dwarfism: a 'new' dysplasia or Kniest disease with autosomal recessive inheritance?
  1. T I Farag,
  2. S A Al-Awadi,
  3. M C Hunt,
  4. S Satyanath,
  5. M Zahran,
  6. R Usha,
  7. R Uma
  1. Kuwait Medical Genetics Centre.


    We present an Arab family with some features of Kniest disease. The proband was a six year old boy with rhizomelic short limbed dwarfism, 'dish-like' facies, cleft palate, deafness, and camptodactyly. Most radiological changes were compatible with Kniest disease. Two younger sibs, similarly affected, had died at a few months old, and the pedigree shows strong evidence of autosomal recessive inheritance, unlike previously reported cases of Kniest disease which have shown autosomal dominant inheritance.

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