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Prevalence and genetic aspects of deaf mutism in Shanghai.
  1. D N Hu,
  2. W Q Qiu,
  3. B T Wu,
  4. L Z Fang,
  5. F Zhou,
  6. Y P Gu,
  7. Q H Zhang,
  8. J H Yan
  1. Department of Medical Genetics, Tiedao Medical College, Shanghai, China.


    Two hundred and eighty-five cases of congenital deaf mutism were ascertained in a population of 483,611 in Zhabei District in Shanghai. The prevalence was 0.059% (1:1697). Inherited cases accounted for 84.83% of all cases. The mode of inheritance was autosomal recessive with complete penetrance and heterogeneity (consisting of at least five different loci). The fitness was 77.63%, the coefficient of selection was 0.2237, the mutation rate was 1.119 x 10(-4) mutation/gamete, and no heterozygote advantage was proven.

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