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Trisomy 1 in an eight cell human pre-embryo.
  1. J L Watt,
  2. A A Templeton,
  3. I Messinis,
  4. L Bell,
  5. P Cunningham,
  6. R O Duncan


    The high incidence of chromosome abnormalities in clinically recognised pregnancies is well documented, but experience of these problems at the time of conception is extremely limited. Using donated oocytes from women seeking surgical sterilisation, we have established reliable cytogenetic techniques for chromosome analysis of human pre-embryos. These have resulted in the first report of trisomy 1. The pre-embryo showed no other obvious abnormality in relation to follicular characteristics, embryo morphology, and cleavage kinetics. The usefulness of such data in explaining the high incidence of occult human pregnancy loss and the current poor success following embryo replacement is emphasised.

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