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Cystic fibrosis carrier detection using a linked gene probe.
  1. M Farrall,
  2. P Scambler,
  3. K W Klinger,
  4. K Davies,
  5. C Worrall,
  6. R Williamson,
  7. B Wainwright


    Cloned DNA markers which are closely linked to the gene defect causing cystic fibrosis have recently been described. These markers are sufficiently informative for carrier detection in 80% of families where there is a living cystic fibrosis child and unaffected sibs. The tightly linked DNA marker pJ3.11 was used in this study to identify carriers in six families and exclude carrier status in two subjects. Risk calculations for recessive diseases using linked DNA probes may be complex, but useful information for counselling can be obtained in this way.

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