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Gene mapping and chromosome 19.
  1. D J Shaw,
  2. J D Brook,
  3. A L Meredith,
  4. H G Harley,
  5. M Sarfarazi,
  6. P S Harper


    Chromosome 19 is currently the most fully mapped of the smaller chromosomes, with about 40 loci assigned to it (HGM8). Major inherited disorders on this chromosome include myotonic dystrophy and familial hypercholesterolaemia. Other loci include five blood groups, a cluster of apolipoprotein genes, and the receptors for insulin and polio virus. A number of cloned genes and random DNA sequences identify polymorphisms which, together with blood group and other protein polymorphisms, have been used to establish a framework for ordering the loci and estimating genetic distances. Hybrid cell lines allow loci to be assigned to one of eight different regions and a detailed genetic map of the chromosome will be possible in the near future.

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