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Paternal Robertsonian translocation t(13q;14q) and maternal reciprocal translocation t(7p;13q) in a couple with repeated fetal loss.
  1. P R Scarbrough,
  2. A J Carroll,
  3. J B Younger,
  4. S C Finley


    Marriages involving partners both of whom have abnormal karyotypes are rare and are usually ascertained because of a history of infertility, repeated abortions, or the birth of a balanced translocation carrier or chromosomally abnormal offspring. Abnormalities which have been noted include sex chromosome aberrations in both parents or a sex chromosome abnormality in one parent and an autosomal abnormality in the other. Four papers have reported balanced reciprocal autosomal translocations in both parents, two couples representing a first cousin marriage. We present a case of a paternal 13;14 Robertsonian translocation and a maternal (7p;13q) reciprocal translocation in a couple with repeated fetal loss.

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