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A genetic combination of silent beta-thalassaemia, high Hb A2 beta-thalassaemia, and single alpha globin gene deletion causing mild thalassaemia intermedia.
  1. R Galanello,
  2. L Maccioni,
  3. M C Rosatelli,
  4. P Ibba,
  5. A M Nurchi,
  6. A Cao


    This paper reports a Sardinian patient, who was a compound heterozygote for silent beta-thalassaemia and high Hb A2 beta o-thalassaemia with the clinical phenotype of mild thalassaemia intermedia; alpha globin gene mapping showed a single alpha globin gene deletion. The reduced alpha globin chain output resulted in more balanced globin chain synthesis, which in turn accounted for the mild clinical phenotype.

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