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Study of a form of pulverulent cataract in a large kindred.
  1. M Stabile,
  2. A Amoriello,
  3. S Capobianco,
  4. M L Cavaliere,
  5. N Conte,
  6. C De Rosa,
  7. S Ruoppo,
  8. V Sorrentino,
  9. V Ventruto


    A large kindred (64 members in four generations), affected by a form of apparently congenital pulverulent cataract, was studied for linkage of its gene locus with that of the Fy blood group. No indication of linkage was found. The involvement of the cortex distinguishes this form from the zonular pulverulent cataract (total nuclear) of Nettleship and Ogilvie, the locus of which is probably linked with Fy. A correlation between morphological and genetic heterogeneity, based on the linkage with Fy, cannot be established because of the scarcity of published data.

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