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Two cases of ring chromosome 11.
  1. D R Romain,
  2. O B Gebbie,
  3. R G Parfitt,
  4. L M Columbano-Green,
  5. R H Smythe,
  6. C J Chapman,
  7. A Kerr


    Two cases of ring chromosome 11 are reported. Both had mental retardation, microcephaly, and short stature. High resolution G banding in case 1 showed no visible loss of chromatin, the karyotype being assessed as 46,XX,r(11) (p15 X 4q2 X 5). In case 2, a Wilm's tumour developed at 8 months and the child died at 18 months. Cytogenetic analysis by Q banding demonstrated minimal chromosome deletion and the karyotype was considered to be 46,XY,r(11) (p15q25).

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