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Linkage analysis of neurofibromatosis (von Recklinghausen disease).
  1. M A Spence,
  2. J L Bader,
  3. D M Parry,
  4. L L Field,
  5. S J Funderburk,
  6. A E Rubenstein,
  7. P A Gilman,
  8. R S Sparkes


    Linkage analysis of 28 genetic markers was undertaken in 108 subjects from 11 families with well-documented, classic, peripheral neurofibromatosis. Fifty-four persons were affected in one four-generation family, seven three-generation families, and three two-generation families. Lod scores were calculated using the standard LIPED programme for 49 combinations of theta male and theta female from 0.01 to 0.50. Lod scores excluded close linkage with 16 markers, including most tested on chromosome 1 and HLA on chromosome 6, and were inconclusive for 12 markers, including the secretor locus, closely linked to myotonic dystrophy. Analysis of five informative families resulted in a lod score of +2.2 for close linkage with GC on chromosome 4. However, the lod score for GC in the one additional informative family was negative, so that the final interpolated maximum was Z = 0.89 for theta male = 0.03, theta female = 0.28. Further studies are needed to evaluate this suggestion of linkage and possible genetic heterogeneity.

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