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The effect of the male contraceptive agent Gossypol on human lymphocytes in vitro: traditional chromosome breakage, micronuclei, sister chromatid exchange, and cell kinetics.
  1. Y C Tsui,
  2. M R Creasy,
  3. M A Hultén


    The male antifertility agent Gossypol did not affect the level of traditional chromosome breakage or number of micronuclei in 66-hour lymphocyte cultures at concentrations up to 40 micrograms/ml. It did increase the frequency of SCE slightly, although the inter-individual variation was greater than the increase resulting from Gossypol, and, even at the highest concentration (40 micrograms/ml), the SCE rate was still within the normal range. It also affected cell kinetics, reducing the mitotic index and the proportion of second and third metaphases after BUdR incorporation.

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