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Ten genetic polymorphisms in bladder cancer.
  1. R A Cartwright,
  2. R Adib,
  3. I Appleyard,
  4. J G Coxon,
  5. R W Glashan,
  6. B Richards,
  7. M R Robinson,
  8. E Sunderland,
  9. D Barham-Hall


    Data are presented on a group of cases of primary carcinoma of the bladder, detailing red cell surface blood group antigenic phenotypes, serum haptoglobin phenotypes, and some red cell isoenzyme phenotypes. Account is taken of the stage of the disease at presentation. The results are compared with corresponding phenotype frequencies in groups of presumed healthy persons originating either in Yorkshire or County Durham. Differences in relative incidences were found in the haptoglobin, phosphoglucomutase (PGM), and some other systems. These are both differences between all cases and controls and between particular stages at presentation and controls.

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