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A case of inverted insertion assessed by R and G banding
  1. Miguel A De Arce*,
  2. Elizabeth Law*,
  3. L Martin,
  4. Joseph G Masterson*
  1. *Genetics Division, Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, University College, Dublin 2
  2. Limerick Regional Hospital, Limerick, Ireland.


    Cytogenetic studies in a 2-year-old boy referred to our laboratory for developmental delay showed an unusual karyotype with a three break rearrangement. R and G banding were both necessary to determine the exact nature of the rearrangement which is described as 46, XY,inv ins(16;3)(q22;p26p13). Several features coincide with the reported description of another patient where 3p26 was missing, and the coincidence is explained as a position effect.

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