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An epidemiological and genetic study of facial clefting in France. I. Epidemiology and frequency in relatives.
  1. C Bonaiti,
  2. M L Briard,
  3. J Feingold,
  4. B Pavy,
  5. J Psaume,
  6. G Migne-Tufferaud,
  7. J Kaplan


    The frequencies of cleft lip with or without cleft palate (CL(P)) and isolated cleft palate (CP) have been estimated in France to be 0.082% and 0.035%, respectively, after exclusion of malformation syndromes. A genetic and epidemiological study has been carried out on 468 patients with CL(P) and 163 with CP. The results are given in detail and some specific points are discussed: the apparently low incidence in France, the relationship between sex ratio and abortion rates, the maternal effects, and the possibility of an association between CL(P) and CP.

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