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Partial proximal trisomy of the long arm of chromosome 5 (q13 leads to q22) resulting from maternal insertion der ins (10;5).
  1. S Gilgenkrantz,
  2. P Dulucq,
  3. J L Bresson,
  4. A Gouget,
  5. C Pernot,
  6. M J Gregoire


    Five members of our study family were carriers of a balanced insertion (10;5) (q22;q13;q22). One of the children had psychomotor retardation and malformations resulting from a partial trisomy of the proximal long arm of chromosome 5, having received the maternal der(10). Amniocentesis identified another case of partial proximal trisomy in a fetus of a subsequent pregnancy. This clinical and family study is compared with two other published cases of proximal trisomy 5q.

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