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The bristol registry of bone dysplasias: the first 10 years.
  1. I R Gordon,
  2. T J David


    The Bristol Bone Dysplasia Registry was established in 1969. The panel included radiologists, paediatricians, orthopaedic surgeons, pathologists, a paediatric biochemist, an anatomist/anthropologist, a veterinary surgeon, dentists and oral surgeons, and a psychiatrist. The panel met every two months. Cases either entered the Registry directly if they were straightforward or after discussion by the panel if there was doubt about the diagnosis or a point of special interest. A total of 468 cases was collected, including 81 cases with miscellaneous bony disorders and 34 cases where the diagnosis was uncertain. The Registry provided a useful regional diagnostic service and promoted interest in body dysplasias. Some of the research aims have not yet been fully achieved. This paper explains how the Registry is run to help those whom it is hoped will set up similar registries elsewhere.

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