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PiPclifton: a new α1-antitrypsin allele in an American Negro family
  1. George Hug,
  2. Gail Chuck,
  3. Magne K Fagerhol
  1. Department of Pediatrics, The Children's Hospital Research Foundation, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio 45229, USA
  2. The Department of Immunohaematology, Ulleval Hospital, Oslo 1, Norway


    Serum specimens from eight females and two males representing three generations of an American Negro family exhibited an α1-antitrypsin phenotype that we labelled MPclifton because of its electrophoretic mobility. The family study and examination of multiple specimens from the same subject indicated that the phenotype represented an α1-antitrypsin allele, labelled PiPclifton. The new genetic variant is not associated with deficiency of α1-antitrypsin or of trypsin inhibitory capacity in the serum.

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    • * This work was supported by NIH Grants RR 005535 and RR 00123 and by the Children's Hospital Research Foundation.

      Received for publication 6 March 1980