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Concurrence of anorexia nervosa and yellow mutant albinism.
  1. J T Kelly,
  2. J Rohde,
  3. C J Witkop, Jr,
  4. A Johannes


    A review of published clinical reports shows that anorexia nervosa has been found in association with several genetic anomalies, principally gonosomal aneuploidy. An additional, and unique, association is described here: a case of anorexia nervosa in a patient with the yellow mutant form of oculocutaneous albinism and no other apparent chromosomal abnormalities. While the concurrence of these two disorders in a single person is apparently a chance phenomenon, our review of experimental publications shows that feeding disturbances also occur in yellow mutant mice. Such complementary findings suggest the need for continuing investigation of the genetic foundations of eating behaviour.

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