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Prenatal diagnosis of beta-thalassaemia by fetal red cell concentration with anti-AB serum.
  1. M Furbetta,
  2. C Valenti,
  3. A Ximenes,
  4. A Angius,
  5. T Tuveri,
  6. P Fioretti,
  7. A Cao


    Prenatal diagnosis by globin chain synthesis analysis on fetal blood samples obtained by placental aspiration was performed in two pregnancies at risk for beta-thalassaemia. Since both fathers had blood group AB, and both mothers had group O, fetal red cell concentration from maternal-fetal mixtures was obtained with the aid of anti-AB serum. With this approach it was possible to carry out globin chain synthesis analysis with very small amounts of fetal blood. Heterozygous and normal genotypes were ascertained and confirmed after birth.

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