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Parental origin of triploidy and D and G trisomy in spontaneous abortions.
  1. B G Brennan,
  2. D H Carr


    A cytogenetic study of 15 triploid spontaneous abortuses, 12 trisomic abortuses, and their parents was carried out using the Q-banding technique. Polymorphic regions in abortus chromosomes were compared to corresponding regions of parental chromosomes to determine the origin of the extra chromosomes. Using marker chromosomes it was found that 7 triploids and only one trisomy were informative. Three triploids arose by failure to shed the second polar body during oogenesis. One triploid arose by dispermy. The other three triploids inherited an extra haploid set of chromosomes from the father, either by dispermy or by failure of the second meiotic division during spermatogenesis. The only informative trisomy, a trisomy 22, inherited the extra 22 from the mother. Chromosome polymorphisms are useful in determining the parental origin of extra chromosomes in certain cases.

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