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47,XX,+der(18),t(9;18)(p24;q21) mat: a distinct partial trisomy 18q--syndrome?
  1. H N Bass,
  2. F Weber-Parisi,
  3. R S Sparkes


    A moderately retarded girl had a 47,XX,+der(18),t(9;18)(p24;q21)mat abnormality that was inherited from her mother, who had a 46,XX,t(9;18)(p24;q21) karyotype in most cells, and a minor cell line of 47,XX,+der(18),-t(9;18)(p24;q21). Her dysmorphic features--bilateral epicanthic folds, low-set, abnormal ears, low posterior hairline, clinodactyly of the 5th fingers, and broad great toes--were similar to those of other patients with an additional number 18 chromosome in which all or most of the long arm was missing, thus raising the possibility of a distinct syndrome.

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