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Inconsistent expression of both centromeres of a dicentric Y chromosome in a child with ambiguous external genitalia.
  1. B Fass,
  2. S Kaplan,
  3. B Lippe,
  4. R S Sparkes


    A newborn child with ambiguous external genitalia had evidence of internal female development on the left and internal male development on the right. Blood chromosome analysis showed three cell types: 45,X; 46,XY with the Y being submetacentric and about twice the usual size with two 'centromeric' C bands; and 46,X,dic(Y). Chromosome studies from the skin, uterus, and Fallopian tube showed almost exclusively 45,X cells. This represents the second reported patient in whom two centromeres are inconsistently expressed though present as shown by two 'centromeric' C bands.

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