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A 'new' syndrome of mental retardation with characteristic facies and brachyphalangy.
  1. A G Hunter,
  2. P J McAlpine,
  3. N L Rudd,
  4. F C Fraser


    This paper describes 6 individuals, occurring in 3 generations of a single family, who were affected by a distinct syndrome which included: retardation and microcephaly; a small oval face with almond-shaped eyes, droopy eyelids, a small nose, and small downturned mouth; minor acral skeletal anomalies, and short stature. Craniosynostosis, heart defects, and limited elbow extension were seen less frequently. Expression was variable and parents who were in the direct vertical line of transmission of the syndrome showed few, if any, overt signs of the disease. However, the metacarpal/phalangeal profile of the parents showed a similar pattern to that seen in the affected individuals, and it is suggested that this profile may be the most sensitive indicator of carrier status.

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