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Testicular feminisation syndrome: unusual gonadal histology in an elderly patient.
  1. J Chemke,
  2. A Shani,
  3. M Lancet,
  4. B Czernobilsky


    The gonads of an elderly patient with a typical testicular feminisation syndrome are described. The unusual histological features consisted of total absence of testicular tubular structures or remnants thereof and distinct proliferation of smooth muscle bundles. In addition, there was fibrous proliferation, areas of ovarian stroma, and rare Reinke crystalloids within Leydig cells. The complete tubular absence may have been the result of fibrous replacement related to patient's advanced age, while the muscular proliferation may have been of hamartomatous nature. Thus, it seems that in elderly patients with testicular feminisation syndrome, the histological appearance of the gonads may vary considerably from that in younger individuals, and in such cases the correct diagnosis should be based mainly on clinical and cytogenetic findings.

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